Contact Uber partners direct email support

Contact Uber partners direct email support

Contact Uber partners direct email support

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  1. Ajay Burman
    Jul 23, 03:08 PDT

    Dear sir or madam,

    I am ajay khettry . I same time complain uber customer mail id my account is Disabled. But not solved my problem.
    My htc 2nd hand mobile perches your Organization staff name Mr. Radhe shyam poddar. My HCT Mobile phone IMEI number is 1) 355702062015096 & 2) 355702062271418. Not only that same problem is ola account. But my problem is solved by ola customer care. I told Mr. Radhe Shyam Poddar to solved my problem but he denied. So I request to you please solve my problem as early as possible.

    Thanks for regards
    Ajay Khettry

  2. Hola, quiero saber cuándo activarán mi perfil como Uber driver, ya se cumplió 1 año con mi licencia de conducir

    1. I am also a partner in Mexico, and i haven’t received my pay, I know others that are in the same situation, wrote to uber by email, got a dumb silly response

  3. If I don’t have a TNC for inside the city limits, will I still receive trip requests for inside the city limits although I cannot accept them?

  4. Can a driver be requested for a certain day and time? I would like to be picked up at 1pm tomorrow and taken to the airport. How do I request that? Or do I just contact über tomorrow before 1pm and hope they can be at my house around 1.

    1. All you do is download the uber app onto your smart phone. Go to the app store and search for “uber”. Once installed you simply set up an account. Once you have that you can go into the app, set your departure location and arrival destination and request a driver. You should have a driver within 10 minutes tops.

      I believe you can also do this online.

  5. Bonjour. Mon fils est à l’hôpital à antibes avec un pied cassé . Il a besoin de se rendre à l’aéroport de Nice et d’aider à la réception “check in ” . Est-ce qu’un pilote Uber faire pour lui?

    Hello. My son is in hospital in antibes with a broken foot. He needs to get to Nice airport and help to the “check in’ desk. Can an Uber driver do that for him ?

  6. Urber drivers should be asking customers name before picking them up.
    I was charged for another persons fare because of this.

    Every email come bouncing back. I’m very disappointed

    1. We are expected to do just that. I usually send a text to my passenger when I arrive with my location and when the passenger gets in I ask their name and where they’re heading. If the information doesn’t match then they get the boot. It rarely occurs but it does happen.

  7. This isthe first time im using Uber buy Uber took out $167 from my credit card instead of $72????. I even bought food for the driver and I also gave him 10 dollars for his porker but I ended up been robbed?. Dear Uber I need my balance back. I hate cheaters!!!!!

    1. lol, arent they just the worst company ever ? its insane how theyre stock will plummet soon , the first computer car went the wrong way in Pittsburgh

      1. They’re stock won’t plummet because they’re not a publicly traded company. If they did then they’d make a ton of cash in their IPO.

        1. hmmm , good info , thanks ,
          all I kept hearing was they’re numero uno on the stock market , I simply dont care for the lack of communication or the info they collect on drivers , I can no longer drive because of my states insurance laws and that we are 1099, self employed now

    1. You get paid the following week by Thursday. So from Monday to Sunday it calculates how much you make. at midnight on that following Monday it calculate your pay out for the week. Tuesday they supposed to email out pay statements. Sent to the bank Wednesday, paid by Thursday. Most times i get paid way before Thursday though.

  8. If you are new to uber, or have any driver/rider questions I may be able to help. My invite code is CDWBSXP3UE. If its still within your first 30 days you can still use the code to sign up. I get money, you get money. If you have any questoions about lyft Driver/Rider I can help with that as well. My invite code is KASHEIA254208

  9. As I understand it, as a driver, if I need to contact the rider I can do so via the UBER app (call or text message-no charge). My cell phone carrier is charging these contact calls/messages back to my personal cell phone account. Perhaps I am wrong? Any help out there?

  10. I haven’t been paid yet and it’s been over a week in very frustrated that it’s impossible to speak with some one from tech suporrt

  11. Can I get uber drive permission?
    I have only 4 months expriances in Florida. And my country 7 years.
    Now I am doing Lyft Already I did 400 rides.

  12. I need the dates and locations of the Free Medical Exams. I am hoping for this early am this Monday in FoCo or Denver in the early afternoon. I miss the chat for these types of questions.

  13. I just submitted my application to drive for Uber. In April of this year I was in an accident and declared to be at fault. This is the only accident in 16 years. Does anyone know if I will be declined due to the accident?

  14. I recently applied for UBER taxi license with the help of UBER staff. I have presented all documents requested. However I received an email stating that i have not supplied my passport details. I have attached a photocopy of my passport and sent it.
    Can you advice why this problem occurs and what I should do to progress my application

  15. I had a ride for close to 40 minutes to catch my flight at Guwahati Airport from Lokhra Road on last 17-09-2019 but you have charged very high. I have paid the amount after my riding at said Airport to the cab driver. I want to know what kind of Surgex2.9 Rs 532.36/- which I really do not understand. This was a normal day time travelling by me but this kind of charges is really not acceptable. Please send your valid reply at the earliest and refund the extra charges to my A/c also. Thanks & Regards, Somnath Dutta

  16. Hai sir this is suryanarayana iam uber partner driver iam not login last 7months but I went to day uber office they slowed my problems but my account shows -5400 rupees how can I pay this much of amount plz slowed this problem

  17. Curious I keep getting texts saying I need to give OK for permission but have done several weeks ago. My chackr part came back over a week ago.and on app for lease,says processing. I’m eager to drive and want to know am I missing something. Ty

    1. its a true nightmare getting in , theyre going to ask you for all the info , several times over , take several pics of everything , good luck

      1. Ty, I finally got email saying I was denied. Weird BC I have nothing on background and my driving record clean. Only thing I can think of is I received a ticket for having out of state license. But was and is valid. I’m planning on moving back to Florida. So I kept license. I’m going to dispute. But ty for heads up.

        1. Best wishes , well if your moving to east coast I’d wait a bit Matthew is angry right now 145 mph winds death and destruction

  18. hello uber driver my account is block please any one help open user name Mahfuz9 I have new car model 2016 Saudi Arabia

  19. Hi Team,
    Is there anyone who takes responsibilities for any local office? If I have to complaint against any local offices or partner supports?? Where should I contact to??
    I driver for Uber in Delhi. My details are given below:-
    Vehicle no. – DL1RTA 3771
    Name – Sumit Jaiswal
    Email id – which is given by Uber but I can’t log in gmail bcz you didn’t provide me password

    This info is enough to pull out my details.
    My concern is I made a call to Delhi partner support on 01133992233 at 9:40 Am 17th Oct 2016 and the call is still on and they put me on hold since 9:50 AM and so I thought to find someone sincere and let them know this kinda service you guys provide to your partners?? and I want to let world know about the same. I asked for the supervisor and they put me on hold for forever. Let see what happens.. pathetic Service!!!

  20. If you want to start driving for Uber then go to and sign up. Use this promo code and you will receive $100 after you complete a few trips. It varies from city to city but I believe the minimum is 100. Promo Code is – danielr35754ue

  21. Dear Uber company,

    My name is Yang Su,my wife took your uber service today afternoon in Chapel Hill,NC.
    However,she got nuisance and annoyed by this bad uber driver whose name is Jean, ZH2597 Chevrolet Impala!He is very rude and violated my wife’s phon number privacy!
    I have screen snap photos to the evidence. under N.C. Gen.Stat. Evid. 403. NC statute.

    She is very mad and told me this thing. It is really rude and impolite. I want to make a complaint to him and reflect to you.
    I think his activity has violated your corporation rule and should be fired.

    The content from Jean is:
    Hey this is Jean your driver. I think your beautiful. I would like to take you out for lunch. You can text me at 9198222105

    I have sent the screensnap photos to
    I am waiting for your reply.


    Yang Su

    Yang Su(Victor)-North Carolina medical malpractice lawyer

    Phone number:(919)455 8050

  22. Good day

    Im from South Africa

    This is to express how disappointed and poor the uber service is, i have never felt annoyed and stupid like what uber made me feel.

    You make us buy cars and run around like chicken with no heads to furnish you with all documents prior the cut off date just to make fools of us and say you cant activate the vehicle. it is no fun since we buy this vehicles through car finance and trying to put food in the table but your service is disgusting and very poor.

    You treat people like trash and dont even care. I have been back and forth for nothing just for fun of it.

    I was told to add vehicle before the 15th October 2016, which i did on the 14th of October 2016. after sending several emails to get the vehicle activated from the 14th October till yesterdayr the 17th October 2016 im told that its past the 15th October .

    also received an email from one of your consultant stating that my issue of vehicle activation will be sorted but today Amany one of your consultants tells me nonsense stating she/he cant activate the vehicle . what kind of nonsense is that? Is this how you want to treat us? is this what you acll customer service?



  23. Is there a customer service number I can actually speak with my cousin used my card to get a free ride once she verified everything but at the end of all this they charged my card so who do I need to talk to in order to eat my money back since the promotion said first ride free

  24. Today morning I hired Uber Xcent from Hira Bhuvan Mulund (W) to Nair hospital and on completion of journey paid driver Santosh the amount in cash as he had no facility for credit card payment. Today afternoon I took an Uber for return journey from Prathna Samaj to Mulund West . At the time of booking I had no option when your message came as the previous bill of Rs 363 remained unpaid. Hence after completion of the journey I contacted your customer service and was told that I should the whole amount including socalled amount of Rs 363 and the return journey trip of Rs 385. I flatly refused to pay and asked for help from Uber. After the same phone talk the drier Mohan also spoke to somebody in Uber who said the return payment only could be paid. Hence I am clarifying the details through this message. I would suggest that printed receipts be given to customers to avoid confusion of payments made by us in cash.

  25. uber Sucks I am very Displeased with them They never Pay In a Timely manner They have plenty Work BUT They don’t pay When they’re supposed to I’m going to drive for. Lyft Screw YOU Uber

  26. Twice in the last two days our driver cancelled before arriving at the last minute in Merida, Mexico. We were charged both times 20 pesos for cancelling in less than five minutes before arrival time. Uber is to take away the charges, but these drivers are corrupt and most people won’t even notice so small a charge.

  27. Is there anyone reading this intelligent enough to realize this is a third party web-site? You cannot reach Uber support through this comments page.

  28. Email is useless. See

    Hi there,

    We’re sorry. You’ve contacted an address [] that does not accept incoming email. We’re not monitoring questions through this email address and this request has not been received by our support team.

    Uber is as difficult to contact as Facebook.

  29. can someone tell me witch Partner Group New Orleans LA and or Slidell LA is in?

    Im trying to find out who i can speak with about starting 2 or 3 cars in this market on 1/1/17.

  30. When I sent an email to I received a reply that this email address is not monitored. To whom do I send an email please?

    My question is as follows:

    Can I use Uber for a shared ride. Ie: Collect from my address, pick up someone at another address and deliver us both to a third address, all in the same area of the same city?

    If so, how do I go about arranging it?

  31. Whenever I attempt to contact Uber via the e-mail address(es) formerly available (, I receive an automated response that they are not accepting incoming mail. Is this something new that they’ve discontinued e-mail communications?

  32. I don’t have a smart phone and therefore can’t download apps. How in hell do I get in touch with a driver. I need a ride to the hospital for a surgical procedure. Any help would be much appreciated.

  33. I’m having trouble logging into the app from my phone. It keeps taking me to the page for the 4 digit verification code but it doesn’t send me a text message. Please Help!!!

  34. I had booked uber in chennai.on 10 of November 2016, The Driver at 1830 hrs near Triplicane Krishna Sweets.He Dropped me at Airport nd I had paid the toll charges as well.
    He stole my Mobile Samsung Note 3 an drove away as soon as I took luggage from trunk.
    his car last number is 5040.
    Kindly trace mobile nd throwout such drivers from company.

  35. Kindly Requesting Uber management to trace out the Samsung Mobile Note 3.and Handover to the following number.
    09686100094 or 09444996661.
    The Color of the car was white
    TN-0 – 5040
    Driver is black color nd Short.

  36. Hello, Uber I have problem to login my rider application error is coming unauthorized pls try to solve my problem .if had done any mistake for that I am sorry and I will never do it again … pls help me

  37. Hi Dear Uber Team,

    I’m facing some issue now, with my last trip receipt. My Uber now cannot be use because it says that my Uber last trip wasn’t paid. But i paid already, i think the problem should be the Uber Driver because once we reached the destination his phone can’t even detect out whether we are reached the destination or not. So after couple of minutes we just hanging around my apartment to get the “NETWORK CONNECTION TO CALCULATE OUT THE PRICE”. Eventually we get the priced out but it is different screen with my previous trips.
    And today morning i wanted to use my Uber , but there’s write down i haven’t paid my last trip,
    I already asked the customer service and still no people reply me yet.

    Sorry about my poor english, and please solve it.
    Hopefully you can understand.

    2 problem i’m facing:
    1)my Uber apps says i haven’t paid my last trips
    2)didn’t received any receipt in my mailbox.

    my email address is

  38. Uber!! I will never contact you again, or advocate your services to anybody ever again!! Explain to me the following? How can you charge R 298.00 for 9.8 kilometers!! Are you crazy. Your driver Gift, was therefore no gift!

  39. Please… can anyone tell me if you drive with Uber and are now allowed to drive delivery, is that the same app. I have been twittering and emailing for 2 days and still not one person through Uber help can answer that question. I do want to start taking delivery jobs but don’t want to take passenger jobs does anyone know if there is a way that it separate or is it all just mixed in and you figure out once you get to the destination thanks

    1. Hi, My name is. I do UberEats. Before UberEats I was a Uber passenger driver. These are two different platforms.I no longer get Uber passenger calls. Hope this helps

  40. My first Uber kicked me out because he didn’t want to make the trip and still charged my card after he said he wouldnt, then when I ordered another Uber he never showed up and then he charged me also, No one to call and fix this issue, I’m sorry but I will never use Uber again!!! And now I’m out of the money that was basically stolen from me because no one from Uber will get back to me and there’s no number to call either please explain to me how this is legal????

  41. I am not sure where to report this but I have had horrible experiences with Uber eats the drives can never find the address the restaurants don’t properly complete ur orders I means I order 4 items and only get 2 but charges for all four. I checked my bank statement and Uber charged me $9.62 on 11/15/16 the last time order from Uber eats was 10/18/16 at 8:10pm for $10.43 I am just ready to cancel this account as soon as I am reimbursed

  42. I filed a complaint last Friday 11/11/16 because you guys overcharged my PayPal , with the wrong fare that you guys offered then charged something else. Of course this is not the first time, I have been back and forth emails with you guys , lying to me that you will adjust the payment , but has been lying because nothing is reflected in my card. I am claiming my full payment back, because this is too much always, wrong advertisement constantly. I m on fire with this situation with you guys. I am tired to be claiming every time for every ride. I am waiting for my payment back immediate. By the way you guys never face the people only with email no calls , are you guys afraid to face the situation. I am claiming my full refund back I am waiting for your call.

  43. I want to register with my number but unfortunately for me they have my number on their system already, so I can’t download the app, so what do I do please.

  44. I got charged $13.50 this afternoon for a ride that never showed up. He was not there at 1:15PM which the receipt claims. It took me over one hour to get home. After waiting in the area until 1:45PM I walked and walked toward the subway despite having a broken bone in my foot. (I’m not supposed to do any distance walking. ) The website time estimate had been erratic. One time it said 15 minutes, then 5 minutes. I waited a long time and the next estimate said 5 minutes.

  45. We should not have been charged for this cancellation on Sunday night. We ordered an XL car and got a VW rabbit. The driver (Koji) made sure he passed us after we told him we had 3 large and one carryon from LAX. He passed us after we told him EXACTLY where we were standing (at the P7 column for United), he told us he would come around again, and then told us to cancel. He never had any intention of picking us up. I have the text messages asking why he showed up and then he said to cancel. He already knew inside of 5 minutes of the size luggage we had. We got screwed.

  46. Instant Pay feature NOT working on app in MIlwaukee. Just says “Loading…please wait…” I have reinstalled the app, restarted the phone. Tried to go on and the same thing happens.
    ANyone experience this?

    1. I am experiencing the same issue, I am trying to finalize my application and their server is shit , its doesn’t load !!!!!

    2. Instant pay sometimes goes down for maintenance (usually has advanced notice on the screen a day or two beforehand). Additionally, Sunday night/Monday morning at midnight (midnight in your time zone), is the cut off for instant pay before they just put it on your weekly direct deposit. So if you try to cash out after midnight then you have to wait for it to post to your direct deposit instead.

  47. I need to speak with someone regarding a problem with my insurance card. I guess since there’s no way to contact anyone since the email address is no longer active I will no longer be an Uber driver!

  48. I will never use this app again. Got charged for canceling within 5 min. This app is not user friendly and this was the first and last time I will use

  49. Dear sir/Madam, Iam writing to Complained about the trip I made, That was on Friday. Last week.I took the rider to her destination, Thee rider put fear in me, by the way she was shouting at me. That made me to Cancelled the trip after reaching her destination. Because of her shouting I became afraid.That was why the trip was cancelled.I cant remember the name of the rider. Please see to it. Iam looking forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely. Prince Ogulo

  50. I don’t understand how you guys don’t have an email account that we can reach you on . Who is going to check this anyway?

  51. Hi There,

    Good evening.
    I drive for UBER. My account has been deactivated for about last 2 hrs and I got an email that there’s some issue for which my account has been deactivated. It also says that someone will contact me soon.
    Before even seeing the email, I originated a report narrating unpleasant behaviour of a rider and I guess this was the issue for which my account has been deactivated.
    I got response to my report from UBER Support Team.
    Since then I had been trying to log-into my account without success. None from UBER has yet contacted me.
    I wonder how long should I have to wait to some from UBER to contact me.
    In similar issues in the past, I had to wait for more than 24 hrs.
    If this is state of support from UBER to their drivers then it’s really disappointing, specially on a busy eeekend night.
    I honestly hope that this process of support to drivers would be looked into and improved upon.

    Best regards

  52. Hello my name is Darlene and I have signed up with Uber but am still awaiting my results for my security background check. It appears on my account that I’m good to start driving but I haven’t received any information on my clearance or how to get started. I’m hoping you can help me with this. Thank you

  53. So I have a problem, I had a driver named Bob and he picked me up from a Wiz Khalifa concert a couple monthes ago. When I entered the car it smelled like marajuanna and booze and he turned around and asked me if I wanted to see his cock. I told him no but of course he whipped it out anyway and I have had theropy every since and I was wondering if i can have 100k compinsation.

  54. Uber you approved me to drive but when i try to sign on says in red i can’t drive in Rochester and signs off if yous were not allowing drivers in this area then why post a ad to craigslist for drivers makes no since at all and your chat all its doing is spinning can’t get to talk to anyone and does anyone know if you live in one city can you drive in another without being dis activated

  55. I’d been driving with Uber for several months when my cell provider (Google Fi Project) lost my number. They’ve been working on recovering it, but without the number, I can’t use the Uber Driver app and so I can’t drive.

    I went on the Uber Driver site and tried to change the phone number associated with my account, but when I did they said they sent a verification code to my old phone number (which of course I can’t get) in order to make the change! And it said to click a link to “Uber Support” ( for help if I couldn’t verify the phone number change.

    And of course that took me to a page that doesn’t have any actual contact options on it. So, not helpful at all.

    I tried the email address given on this page, and received an autoresponder titled “Request Not Received” that wants me to use the app (which of course I can’t now access without my phone) to request help.

    So I’m at a dead end. (I could drive to the nearest Green Light stop, 45 minutes away, and wait at least an hour to talk to a human being there, but it’s not worth it.) Any ideas?

  56. As a driver, your only real option to speak to a real live human is at the Green light Hubs. These are almost always at the least convenient locations in your city (I think they research this to be intentionally inconvenient). But really, good luck if you want to get a reasonable response from the in app “help” option. I requested a vehicle inspection document (since they didn’t give me any notice that it was coming due and simply implemented a temporary suspension of my account until I submit an updated one). Their response? And I quote…

    “Thanks for getting in touch.

    I’m definitely glad to assist you with this. Let me sort this thing out for you partner.

    We have reviewed your account. Your account is not active because there are required documents missing.

    In order to reactivate your account, our team will have to review and approve the following documents: Vehicle Inspection From.

    As soon as you are able, please upload these documents to your account. Our team will review and follow-up with more information about any additional next steps.”

    Despite the fact that I asked for a copy of the form, they didn’t send me one. It took a total of THREE attempts to get the form out of them. It’s like the document was a child and I was trying to steal it from the mothers arms. They were refusing to let go of a copy of the document.

    If companies want to export jobs, so be it. But put them in places where common sense and basic English are comprehended. If you want a form completed, don’t secure it like its classified info.

  57. I use uber and I like it.
    My boyfriend has signed up to be a uber driver and he needs help with the app and talk with someone to get set up.
    Please contact Dale Benson at 206-793-2945 and provide him support. I want him to succeed with uber .

    Jane Gallagher

  58. Ptm no me registra esta pendeja aplicacion ya puse todos mis datos y me dice error tengo un codigo de promo que me regalaron ya intente con tres tarjetas diferentes y nada no mamen

  59. I have been driving for two weeks. Uber has not sent the payment for the first week as yet-the following Saturday.
    I am finding it difficult to contact them.
    Has this happened to anybody else?
    Anil Patel

    1. It has actually! I’ve been driving for 6 weeks and i still didnt recieve my first 4 weeks payment!! I tried to contact them but still not being able to collect my payments!!

  60. I tried
    yesterday to do my first day of driving for Uber. I was in my car and
    ready to drive and so turned on the app. There were no riders available
    in any direction. Then my phone started buzzing and the expected look of
    the app indicating a rider near me. I was barely able to see the
    address before it stopped buzzing and the ride disappeared before I
    could accept. The next was the same and the next the same. I turned off
    the app after that and went home.

    The addresses that I was able to view before they disappeared were all
    INSIDE Airforce bases that are here in Colo. Springs. I HAVE NO ACCESS
    TO AIRFORCE BASES. You can’t get past the heavily guarded gates. HOW am I
    to get these riders on airforce bases and there appears to be no other
    riders in my ares. The instruction videos shows are these dots that are
    riders…but there aren’t any here.

  61. I would like to know, how do I go about adding Hilton
    Grand Vacations-Elara in Las Vegas, NV as one of the pickup location to Uber app? Thank you!

  62. Dear Sir.
    I was using Uber Cab daily 3 or 4 times in a day.I had collected many free rides from my friends and i also forced them to use Uber and now they are also using Uber Cab. I have 45 free rides but now it disappeared anywhere. It’s not seeing. I am requesting you to return my free rides. Please at any cost , I want my 45 Free rides. Is this your Service you are providing to customer.? How can Uber Company cheat the Customers.? At any cost, I want my 45 Free rides back. Hopefully i should get good Feedback.
    Thank You.

  63. I would like to know an email that is valid I could use. I have a few complaints. As you see I rated a couple of drivers very low. I couldn’t give a reason. I’d like uber supervisors to know.

  64. Made a return trip from Matunga (E) to Kandivali (E) within a span of 4 hours on 18Dec2016 between 12noon and 4pm and paid rs.196 one way and rs.643 on return! No way to contact Uber with grievance.

  65. I want my money back now please you have card info and you have ran my Visa debit card down to nothing I am Disabled and I’m a woman trying to get to work !!!!

  66. i have a concern, my daughters calls Uber to get a ride to work that’s her means of transportation. why when she haven’t even called Uber the man is sitting out in her parking lot just waiting, now my daughter is scared she didn’t go to work because this man had frightened her, so i called the police and will be taken the proper action and steps to be taken i have all the information on this man. my concern is if she haven’t call don’t sit in herb parking lot waiting for her to call i don’t care if you are in the neighbor. Charlotte, North Carolina

    1. Some drivers will be proactive, in order for them to get as many customers as they can. It could be that your uber driver know your daughters schedule and is waiting for her to request a ride, or that a lot of uber requests are made near your home. It would be best to ask your daughter if the driver makes her uncomfortable or making inappropriate conversations with her. If so, I would request a ride and let Uber know your concerns.

  67. Why is Uber processing my account without rendering services to me, now my account is restricted suspecting a fraud.. I can’t use my card again. My name is Temitope.

  68. Hi my name is Freddie and I need to remove a car from my profile that I can become an active driver again. Also, I’m interested in your rental car program. Is Enterprise the only rental car company that I can rent from to drive with Uber? hopefully you can help me resolve this issue. Thank You!

  69. Be careful when requesting an Uber. An incident occurred this morning when my daughter called. The tracking stated driver was 3 minutes away. However another driver arrived to pick her up at Fletcher Mills Townhomes around 8:15 am on Dec. 27. We knew something was wrong when the driver did not know the address and asked her to look it up. Thank God the other Uber driver arrived. I was on the phone with ny daughter and we both agreed this driver may have intercepted the call and did not want Uber tracking him. I see why cities across the country are banding Uber altogether. Good concept, but high risk. Definitely, not worth risking your life over a $20 fare.

  70. Uber red flag. Be careful when requesting an Uber. An incident occurred this morning when my daughter called. The tracking stated driver was 3 minutes away. However another driver arrived to pick her up at Fletcher Mills Townhomes around 8:15 am on Dec. 27. We knew something was wrong when the driver did not know the address of the Marion Bus Transit Downtown Tampa, Florida, and asked her to look it up. This was the first and only clue not to get in the car. Thank God the other Uber driver arrived. I was on the phone with ny daughter and we both agreed this driver may have intercepted the call and did not want Uber tracking him. I see why cities across the country are banding Uber altogether. Good concept, but high risk. Definitely, not worth risking your life over a $20 fare.


    Be careful when requesting an Uber. An incident occurred this morning when my daughter called. The tracking stated driver was 3 minutes away. However another driver arrived to pick her up at Fletcher Mills Townhomes around 8:15 am on Dec. 27. We knew something was wrong when the driver did not know the address of the Marion Bus Transit Downtown Tampa, Florida, and asked her to look it up. This was the first and only clue not to get in the car. Thank God the other Uber driver arrived. I was on the phone with ny daughter and we both agreed this driver may have intercepted the call and did not want Uber tracking him. I see why cities across the country are banding Uber altogether. Good concept, but high risk. Definitely, not worth risking your life over a $20 fare.

  71. Hi It occurs a double charged
    I do not agree with the upcharge.

    There was no reasons and more you can check, we had to cross the street far away to the light because the driver was waiting us in the wrong side of the street, even though I asked the pick up in Starbucks.

    Definitely it’s not correct.

    I have been sending message on help but no one handle my message

    What’s the way to be refund please.

  72. I see no way to contact Uber, unless it’s a safety issue. So, I buried my technical question in an imagined safety issue and called the Critical Safety number! I don’t see another way to get help since they eliminated all ways to ask a question.
    Uber doesn’t even try to provide information to customers… so… um… NO.
    I think I’ll try Lyft.

  73. Hi, I uploaded my documents for Uber driver and Uber is sendingme messages for uploading Vehicle safety standard daily. I can see all the details in web portal with my log in id and password but not in app. When I sign in the app it shows directly a screen to upload the safety inspection of vehicle. Now when I go to Canadian tire for vehicle safety inspection they say its mandatory to see your profile in app which is just shows pending safety inspection. Now its going on from last 3 weeks without any resolution. tried contacting Uber but they send same response i.e. upload the safety inspection report. Canadian tire does not do the inspection because they cant see my profile in app. Please advise as it not moving anywhere. No directions from uber and not from Canadian tire

  74. Does anyone know how to get the complete log for 2016 rides/payments… There is no way to contact anyone. The history only goes like 5-6 months back.

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