Uber Taxi

Uber Taxi

Uber Taxi Update (Uber T)

Uber T Coming To An End in NYC

Uber T (also known as Uber Taxi) was a service that let users instantly request New York City Yellow Cabs using the Uber App. In effect, UberT acted as a cooperative alliance between Uber Technologies Inc. and New York’s local taxi operators (Medallion Financial Corp).

However, beginning in Fall 2016, Uber has announced that cooperation between Uber and yellow cabs is coming to an end.

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Uber Cab App

Uber Cab App

Using the Uber Cab App 

Downloading Uber’s App

Looking for an easy guide to Uber’s App?

Check out our basic overview below, which shows new Uber Users everything they need to know about using the Uber App  including downloading the app itself & requesting vehicles.

The Uber App is an easy-to-use application which allows anyone to quickly hail an on-demand vehicle, in any location, completely at their convenience.

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Uber Metals

Uber Metals

Uber Metals Program 

Uber Momentum Rewards

Uber recently began testing out a limited rewards system for drivers in Washington DC and Los Angeles called the ‘Metals Program’.  The Metals Program is technically part of Uber’s Momentum Program for high-performing drivers, and can be used by ambitious drivers to substantially increase the amount of money they earn while driving for Uber.

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