Uber New Year’s Eve

Uber New Years Eve Surge Hours

Uber New Years Eve Surge Times

Using Uber on New Year’s Eve Guide

Planning on using Uber on New Year’s Eve? Curious about when Uber’s surge prices & passenger demand will be highest this New Year’s Eve?

The answer is: between 11.30pm and 3.15am.

Uber is expected to deliver more than 15 million trips this New Year’s Eve (2017), so fares may be particularly high as people leave their festivities and head home for the evening.

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Uber Complaints

uber complaints - contact uber about a complaint

Uber Complaints 

Have a complaint about your Uber trip? Here’s what to do about Uber Complaints & Uber Feedback:

If you have a complaint or issue with an Uber trip — or your Uber driver — filing a complaint directly to Uber Customer Service is highly recommended (and it’s also very easy to do).

Here’s how to file an Uber Complaint:

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Uber Pets

uber pets - can i bring my dog in an uber - uber animal policy

Uber Pets & Animal Policy 

‘Can I bring my dog in an Uber?’ 

Yes. In some cases, animals are allowed in Uber vehicles.

Depending on the federal and local laws in your specific city, service animals are generally allowed to accompany riders.

Visually-impaired passengers and passengers who possess ‘service licenses’ for pets (i.e., therapy animals, guide dogs, etc) are always allowed to bring animals into an Uber vehicle.

For regular pets (i.e., non-service pets & other animals), it is up to the discretion of your specific Uber driver.

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Is Uber 24 hours?

is uber 24 hours - is uber always available

Is Uber 24 hours?

Uber Hours of Operation

In all cities where Uber is available, Uber is (technically) a 24 hour operation.

Uber’s App is never ‘turned off’. In other words, customers are always able to access the Uber App and order a ride – as long as vehicles are available in their area.

And, in most cities, because of Uber’s size and growing ubiquity, there are almost always Uber drivers on the road, no matter what time of day or night.

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Uber Invoice

uber invoice - how to get uber receipts invoice

Uber Invoices – How to Request an Uber Invoice or Receipt

How do I get an invoice for my Uber trip? Uber Receipt Help

Getting an invoice for your Uber trip is simple.

When your Uber trip ends, a receipt/invoice is sent to the email address associated with your Uber account.

However, if you aren’t receiving receipts — or you’d just like to review past receipts associated with your Uber trip history — below is a step-by-step guideline to manually requesting invoices for past rides (including premium services like UberSUV, UberLUX, and UberBLACK).

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