Uber sign up bonus: $500 offer to Lyft drivers

Lyft drivers: make $500 Uber ride-share bonus!

Attention Lyft drivers! Click here to earn $500 by signing up for Uber.

Uber sign up bonus: For a limited time, Uber is offering drivers of other ride-share companies, a $500 bonus to sign-up to drive with Uber. You just have to be able to prove that you started driving before 3/31/2015 for the other company (with a weekly pay statement, for example).

Attention Lyft drivers: Act now and earn $500!

$500 after you sign up to drive with Uber with this referral link.

Lyft sign-up bonuses

Choose your own hours. Drive with Lyft.

Lyft is offering sign-up bonuses in select cities. That means that if you use a current driver’s promo code to sign-up, you will get a cash bonus after you complete the required number of trips.

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Here’s a list of the cities that Lyft is currently offering bonuses in…

City/State Sign-up bonus amount Number of rides to be completed
Phoenix $50 bonus 50 rides
Tuscon $50 bonus 50 rides
Los Angeles $250 bonus 50 rides
Orange County $250 bonus 50 rides
Sacremento $50 bonus 50 rides
San Francisco $500 bonus 100 rides
San Diego $200 bonus 50 rides
Silicon Valley $500 bonus 50 rides
Denver $750 bonus 50 rides
Miami $250 bonus 50 rides
Atlanta $100 bonus 50 rides
Chicago $500 bonus 30 rides
Boston $750 bonus 50 rides
New York
New York City $500 bonus 100 rides
Portland $500 bonus 50 rides
Philadelphia $750 bonus 50 rides
Pittsburgh $100 bonus 50 rides
Nashville $500 bonus 50 rides
Austin $500 bonus 50 rides
Dallas $500 bonus 50 rides
Seattle $500 bonus 50 rides
Washington D.C. $750 bonus 50 rides

Source: Lyft

Choose your own hours. Drive with Lyft.


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