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Uber Arrive By Feature – What is UberPOOL Arrive By?

Uber recently announced a new feature, called Arrive By, which gives UberPOOL users an official ‘Arrival Time’ — in other words, the company now guarantees UberPOOL users will arrive at a destination by a certain time.

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A New UberPOOL Feature for Added Convenience

UberPOOL users know that when they request an UberPOOL, they’ll be saving money by using Uber’s cheapest service. But — in exchange for a fare discount — passengers also know that they might have to make slight detours, in order to pick up an additional passenger who is heading in the same direction.

In the past, detours to pick up other passengers led to confusion amongst UberPOOL users, who weren’t always certain of how re-routings might affect the overall timing of their journey.

With Uber’s new “Arrive By” feature, UberPOOL users are guaranteed to arrive at a stated destination before a certain time (quoted in advance on your smartphone) — or, they’ll be given $2.00 off their next UberPOOL trip.

How UberPOOL’s Arrive By Function Works:

  • Users must download the latest version of the Uber app.
  • Simply choose UberPOOL — and then input your pick-up location and drop-off destination
  • Users will see a quoted price
  • Users will also see the latest possible time that they may reach an ultimate destination (even if another rider joins the trip along the way).
  • If the trip & timing is satisfactory, users simply need to tap ‘’request uberPOOL’’ — and then await their vehicle.

Your app will show the absolute latest time that passengers might reach destination (in reality, they will likely arrive well before the guaranteed-time estimate shown on the app.

Where is Arrive By available?

The “Arrive By” feature began testing in Los Angeles over Summer 2016, but is soon expected to be rolled out across the United States throughout 2017.

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