Where (and Why) is Rideshare banned?

Where is Rideshare Banned?

Where (and Why) is Rideshare Banned?

Uber may be the highest-valued rideshare company in the world, but it’s also the most controversial.

Despite its widespread success, the company’s path to total-market domination is still very bumpy — many countries (and large metropolitan areas) around the world are still highly resistant to rideshare adoption, wishing to protect local taxi and transportation industries.

Many governments fear the impact of a new rapidly-emerging  ‘‘gig economy’’ model — a system which threatens to upend established labor practices and disrupt ‘traditional’ forms of employment.

Since Uber doesn’t act as a normal car-hire service — instead, it gives non-professional drivers an opportunity to work part or full-time as paid chauffeurs — it threatens existing job-markets associated with professional car-hire companies and taxi unions. So, while ridesharing continues to be widely embraced by consumers around the world, ridesharing itself still confronts a variety of legal and regulatory challenges in many jurisdictions.

Some regions have banned the service completely —  declaring it wholly illegal under state or federal law. Other regions — such as Germany and France — currently block lower-end rideshare services (like UberPOP), but allow higher-end options (like UberBLACK and UberLUX). The company’s legality is sometimes even challenged on a micro level, in local municipalities — such as small communities like East Hampton, NY or Panama City Beach, Florida — which have declared the service illegal.

Uber’s legality — and its activity-level in various regions — obviously varies greatly in different countries.

For your convenience, below is a list of Uber (and rideshare’s) current status in a variety of countries:

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Rideshare banning in The United States


Anchorage — Suspended.

Uber has been indefinitely suspended in Anchorage since 2015.


Auburn — Suspended.

Uber suspended its Auburn operations in 2015 (due to ”burdensome” regulations), but there is speculation that the company (and other ridesharing services) will return to Auburn in Spring 2016.


Panama City Beach — Suspended.


Entire state — Banned.

A temporary injunction was filed against Uber in 2014 (over failure to gain proper permits), as well as government authorities claiming that Uber’s driver-hiring process was not selective enough to ensure consumer safety. Uber shut down its Nevada operations in 2014, but finally re-started operations after gaining legal permission in Fall 2015.


Uber is effectively banned in East Hampton, due to local rules requiring licenses and company offices to be located in-city.


Austin — Referendum in progress.

San Antonio — Suspended.

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Legal status of Rideshare in other countries, A-Z.


Uber’s legality in Australia varies by state —


Uber is legal in Australia, but its legality is currently being debated by governmental agencies (first quarter 2016). UberX is being introduced in the Australian Capital Territory, in a multi-stage rollout, with oversight from regulatory agencies.


Legal and currently operating.




Illegal and Banned






Under review — currently legal, but undergoing regulatory changes. Government attempting to require rideshare to apply for commercial licenses.


Under legal review (but operating nonetheless).



Initial efforts by the city of Rio de Janeiro to stifle a number of ride sharing options were reversed by Brazil’s courts. Strong unionized taxi organizations continue to demonstrate against rideshare companies. In some cases this has led to violent altercations amongst drivers.  Currently, in 2016, the ridesharing situation in Brazil is fluid — services exist but their legality is under question.  It is unclear whether Uber’s legality will be resolved in time for Rio’s Olympic Games.


Brazil’s second largest city, Sao Paulo, has tried unsuccessfully to ban non-taxi rideshare options. Uber has filed a complaint against Brazilian taxi organizations for being non-competitive, which the non- competition bureau of the government is assessing. Currently, in 2016, rideshare services are operating openly in Sao Paolo.

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Ridesharing was officially legalized in Edmonton in January 2016 (the law functionally came into effect on 1 March, 2016).  Uber ended their operations in Edmonton March 1, 2016 (they stated that they were unable to acquire proper commercial insurance). However, Uber operates in many areas outside Edmonton (despite a lack of licensing), and a new company called TappCar aims to offer a local alternative.


Uber is currently legal in Toronto, but is facing strong opposition from taxi unions.


Uber is currently illegal and non-operational in Vancouver.


Uber is technically illegal in Hong Kong, but operates legally inside the country’s many other large cities. It faces fierce competition from rival Chinese rideshare firm Didi Kauidi, and is currently losing $1 billion a year, which might force the company to gradually decrease its presence in the country.


Uber officially arrived in Croatia October, 2015 — it is now possible (and legal) to request an Uber in the country.


As of March 2016, Uber currently operates in Denmark. The service is very controversial — taxi unions have been protestingUber’s operation for two years, and a Danish official declared (in 2014) that Uber’s business model contradicted Danish safety and regulatory codes.


Uber is ‘functionally illegal’ in Finland (i.e., Uber drivers can be reported to police), although there are reports that a limited verion of the service is in operation.


Uber operates in France, but is highly controversial. In 2015, violent protests by taxi drivers brought international attention to Uber’s presence in the country, and UberPOP has since been banned. Currently, in 2016, French authorities allow higher-end ridesharing services to operate (i.e. drivers with commercial licenses), but authorities frequently ticket rideshare  drivers and maintain that all operators be commercially licensed and possess proper insurance.


Although it has been twice-banned in the country, Uber currently operates in Germany — although it no longer exists under the moniker UberPOP. It is now referred to as UberX (like in the United States). Since UberX resembles a professional car service more than UberPOP (which functioned as a lower-end ridesharing system) it is more aligned with German transportation regulations. As of 2016, UberX operates legally in Germany.


Uber operates throughout India, and is particularly popular in Delhi. Uber recently suspended its high-end options in India (UberBLACK and UberLUX), but only because they proved unpopular The company is constantly undergoing new legal evaluation in India, but is currently not banned by authorities.


Uber currently operates in Italy (and is especially popular in Rome), but is under review by authorities, who are threatening to tax it as an ordinary car service.


In the Summer of 2015, Uber officially discontinued its low-cost UberPOP option in The Netherlands. However, higher-end services UberX and UberBLACK continue to operate in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, and The Hague


Uber is under review in Norway, where its legality remains unclear as of 2016. Rideshare services exist in the country, but drivers are subject to ticketing, and arrest.


Uber and similar services were legalized in the Philippines in Summer 2015, after gaining a new transportation classification from the government.


Uber operates in Poland, but is expected to come under increasing pressure from authorities in 2016.


As of the first quarter of 2016, Uber is currently illegal in Romania.


In 2016, Uber is operating legally in Russia (it is especially popular in St. Petersburg and Moscow), though it is less popularthan the Russia-based car-hailing service Yandex (named in affiliation with Russian search-engine giant Yandex). Gett — a popular black-car service throughout Europe — is also a major competitor to Uber in Russia.

South Africa

Uber currently operates in South Africa (specifically, Johannesburg and Cape Town), but its future operation is threatened by aggressive pushback from local taxi unions.

South Korea

South Korean authorities have banned all rideshare options in the Summer of 2015, and the law currently remains in effect in 2016.


Uber was officially banned in Spain in 2014, but — in late 2015 — the company announced its intention to restructure its business model to fit Spanish regulations.  As of Spring 2016, the service is still banned in the country.


Switzerland – the city of Geneva banned Uber in 2015, but it remains available in Lausanne and Zurich although established taxi services continue to protest and seek bans in those cities.


Uber currently operates in Taiwan, although — in late 2015 — the country began attempting to halt the company’s expansion (and even stop its operation completely) by imposing increasingly-large fines.  So far, however, ridesharing companies continue to operate openly in Taiwan.


Thailand currently only allows rideshare drivers to operate in Phuket and Bangkok, and — in Uber’s case — has limited available services to UberX and UberBLACK.

United Kingdom

Uber currently operates in the United Kingdom. The service is legal, but is currently facing strong opposition from black cab drivers (who have introduced a competitive app called Cab: App, which offers an alternative booking system for commercial cabs). UK-based ridesharing services may come under government review in 2016.

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*Disclaimer: always check with your local transportation authorities for up-to-date answers on whether ridesharing is legal in your region.


Uber Airport Rules: Pick-up and Drop-off (Spring 2016)

Uber Airport Rules 2016 Pick-up and Drop-off

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Uber Airport Rules: A Basic Guide (Spring 2016)

Many people ask the questions: Can I take Uber to the airport? Can Uber pick me up from the airport? What are the Uber airport rules?

While Uber is a great way to travel around most major American cities, airport transfers are (sometimes) a bit more challenging.

Uber’s relationship with Airport Authorities is complicated — and currently evolving — depending on where you live, and where you intend to use Uber.

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What are the Uber airport pick-up and drop-off rules?

As a direct alternative to taxi cabs, Uber functions reasonably well for pick-ups and drop-offs at some airports, but there are some significant obstacles to be aware of.

Below is a basic Uber Airport Guide (Spring 2016) in a variety of major American cities.

Uber to the Airport - SFO

Uber San Francisco Airport Rules (SFO)

San Francisco is one of the best spots for using Uber as a means of accessing San Francisco International Airport. In the past two years, Uber has implemented a series of “flat rates” for San Francisco’s top three major destinations surrounding SFO:

  • San Francisco = $65
  • Palo Alto = $86
  • Oakland = $81

SFO has also sectioned off an area where Uber (and other rideshare companies) can park their cars and wait for passenger pickups.

When someone gets off a plane and hails an Uber, they can just go meet their scheduled Uber at a designated departure area.

Uber to Miami Dade

Uber Miami International Airport Rules (MIA)

Miami International Airport is much less receptive to Uber traffic. Getting dropped off at MIA isn’t a problem — rather, it is actually currently illegal for Uber to pick up passengers at Miami’s various arrival terminals.

I honestly cannot recommend you try to hail an Uber car at Miami’s largest airport — once an airport has officially made rideshare options illegal, it’s best to stick with other modes of transportation.

Austin-Bergstron - Uber to the Airport

Uber Austin-Burgstom International Airport Rules (ABIA)

Austin-Burgstom International Airport in Texas charges a $1 fee for both picking up and dropping off passengers via rideshare. This applies to both Uber and Lyft.

Currently, this arrangement between companies and Uber and Lyft is done be special (temporary) permit-based rules, giving cars free access to departures and arrivals. But make sure you check the current status of this arrangement before you head off to the airport (to make sure it’s still in effect).

NYC - Uber JFK Laguardia and Newark Airports

Uber NYC Airport Rules (JFK, Laguardia, and Newark)

Newark, Laguardia and JFK are notorious for having extremely long wait times when hailing an Uber — but, at least for the moment — all three airports are currently rideshare accessible for dropping off and picking up passengers.

There is talk of the Port Authority instituting an “access fee,” but currently (as of Spring 2016) there is no fee.

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Uber Boston Logan Airport Rules (BOS)

Logan Airport in Boston is harder to manage with Uber than other cities on this list. Unfortunately, there is an $8.75 fee for dropping off and picking up passengers via rideshare (for which Uber is currently in litigation).

A Massachusetts State Law prohibiting private vehicles from obtaining fares from the Boston airport has meant that Uber cars are technically required to be registered as livery vehicles (or else be in violation of this law).

Uber LAX Airport Rules

Uber Los Angeles Airport Rules (Uber LAX)

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in Los Angeles, California is currently rideshare accessible.

As of late January 2016, UberX finally received full access to LAX’s arrivals and departure terminals. Up until January ’16, all low-cost rideshare options were officially banned from Los Angeles International Airport altogether — with absolutely no exceptions.

However, at least for now, Uber at LAX is legal. There’s only one current caveat —  picking up and dropping off via rideshare comes with a $4 fee.

Uber Chicago O'Hare

Uber Chicago Airport Rules (O’Hare and Midway)

Midway Airport and Chicago O’Hare are now rideshare-permitting.

Uber is now able to pick-up and drop-off passengers legally at either of these Chicago airports.

Taking Uber to the Airport in D.C.

Uber D.C. Airport Rules (Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport)

At both Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport — namely, the two major airports in the Washington D.C. Area — currently have a $4 fee, but are otherwise completely accessible for Uber passengers (either leaving from, or arriving at, both airports).

Uber Seattle Tacoma Airport

Uber Seattle-Tacoma Airport Rules (SEA)

At Seattle-Tacoma Airport in Washington State, only UberBlack and UberSUV are currently allowed to pick up arriving passengers. Each of these services has a flat rate from the airport to downtown Seattle.

  • UberBlack = $55
  • UberSUV = $65

Drop offs (by UberX and Lyft) are allowed.

Portland PDX Uber

Uber Portland International Airport Rules (PDX)

Portland International Airport (PDX) is another airport that has made its arrangement an Uber (recently granting the company a permit to drop-off and pick-up passengers).

However, there is currently a $2 fee, and riders are supposed to meet their Uber cars on the lower roadway (near PDX’s baggage claim area).

Las Vegas Airport Uber

Uber Las Vegas Airport Rules (McCarran International Airport)

McCarran International Airport in Nevada (the closest airport to Las Vegas) now allows Uber access to all arrivals and departures.

The fee is only $2.45.

Taking Uber to the Airport: Final thoughts

Most, if not all, airports currently have some level of Uber access. However, it’s always best to check with your local airport authority before relying on Uber (or any other rideshare service) to get you to your flight on time.

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Uber Car Inspection

Uber Car Inspection

My one-year driving for Uber anniversary is coming up. Yeah, it’s only been a year and my life has changed like crazy – for the better – in just 12 months! No more boring day jobs, no more rigid schedules or irritating bosses (the last supervisor at my day job asked me if I could help him sign up to drive with Uber when I ran into him…go figure). And I actually spend my time working for something that I am excited about: making transportation more efficient, affordable and flexible, while being on my own schedule.

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Since it’s been one year I’ve been driving for Uber, my annual vehicle inspection is coming up and I’d like to share the experience with you. I get lots of questions like “how do I schedule an appointment with Uber to get my vehicle inspected?” or “where do I get my Uber car inspection to start driving?” So let’s shed some light on that.


Where Can I Find Uber Car Inspection Stations?

Los Angeles is now packed with Uber car inspection stations. When I started driving for Uber a year ago, there were only a fraction of the inspection stations they have today. I picked the station on 1633 Purdue Ave in West LA, about 15 minutes from where I live. The process itself is very simple: you just pull into an Uber car inspection station, park, register, get your vehicle inspected, upload the documents and you’re done. An Uber car inspection station is usually just a big parking lot with some tables and tents set up. It’s quite basic.

You can find the closest vehicle inspection station here, but first I’ll help you navigate your way:

Select your city:

ubermovement part 1 v inspection

Click “Get Started” on the menu:

ubermovement part 2 v inspection

 Click on “Vehicle Inspections”:

ubermovement part 3 v inspection

If there are Uber activation centers in your city, they will be displayed on the page.

Ubermovement Images 5&6

What If There’s No Uber Car Inspection Station Close By?

If there’s no official Uber car inspection station near where you are, no problem. You can get your car inspected by a third party. Make sure to bring the Official Uber Inspection Form with you.

Uber gives you a few options to get your vehicle inspection done:

Option 1: Certain areas and Cities have negotiated a fixed price with participating mechanics. There’ll be a link to a list of participating locations on the page. Pricing is usually around $20 for a car inspection.

Option 2: Get your vehicle inspected at a BAR certified auto shop close to you. BAR means Bureau of Automotive Repair.

Option 3: Uber is partnering with Your Mechanic. Your Mechanic is a service that comes to where you are. You’ll get a fixed upfront price, book an appointment, and then conveniently make your payment. The mechanic will come to your address, complete a full Uber vehicle inspection plus an oil change for $50.

Use our link and get $20 off your first YourMechanic. 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 7.30.50 PMMy Uber Car Inspection Report

Last Monday, I finally took the time to get my Uber car inspection done. But before I got myself to do that on the one rainy day in LA in weeks, I needed some coffee, of course. (I guess I really don’t like ‘duties’ like that ;))

Uber Vehicle Inspection: The Basics

Here’s some basic info first regarding your upcoming Uber vehicle inspection: Uber has car inspection stations set up in most cities where Uber operates. See the list of different options to get your Uber vehicle inspection done above. When you bring your car to an Uber Activation Center, they’ll inspect it at no cost and usually pretty quickly while you’re waiting. In certain areas and cities, Uber pays a cash bonus when you get your first car inspection.

What Are The Items On The Checklist?

So what are the inspectors looking for when they check your vehicle? First, they’ll ask you for the year, make and model of your vehicle. Mostly, you’ll have to turn on and off headlights, signal, honk, step on the brake, etc. The inspector will also open and close your doors, adjust your front seats and test the seat belts. The inspection itself doesn’t take more than 10-15 minutes.

This is the complete list of items they will check:

  • Lights:
    • Headlights
    • Tail lights
    • Turn indicator lights
    • Brake lights
  • Brakes and steering:
    • Brake pads/shoe thickness
    • Emergency/parking brake
    • Steering mechanism
  • Windows and other glass:
    • Windshield
    • Rear window and other glass
    • Windshield wipers
  • Seats and doors:
    • Front seat adjustment
    • Safety belts for driver and each passenger
    • Doors (open / close / lock)
  • Other items:
    • Horn
    • Speedometer
    • Bumpers
    • Muffler and exhaust system
    • Tires, including tread depth
    • Interior and exterior rear view mirrors

How to pass the Uber Car Inspection

Pass Or Fail?

I do take really good care of my car, so I was pretty confident that I’d pass the Uber car inspection. Everything is super clean and well maintained, so all should be good, right? When the inspector was done, he looked at me, holding his report “Hey Aaron, I’m sorry, I can’t pass you today.”….”Oh…Why?”. I have to admit, I was surprised. But, my left brake light wasn’t working. Hmm, so…

What To Do When You Fail The Vehicle Inspection?

If the reason you’re not passing is minor, such as my brake light not working, they can put your car inspection on hold for the day, and pass you when you return the same day with the item(s) fixed. If you can’t get it fixed the same day, you’ll fail and have to do the inspection all over again.

So I needed a new brake light. I just took off to the closest Autozone, got a new brake light bulb and they even put it in for me (no way I would have figured out how to do that…). So that’s done.

Inspection Passed!

Back at the Uber car inspection station, the inspector that started the process had already left. No problem, Brittany, the girl who took over for him, checked my brand new brake light and…I passed!

Passed Inspection Report

After that, I decided to treat myself to Uber Eats for the first time. I’ll let you know how that went…

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Uber Driver Requirements

Uber Driver Requirements

Uber Driver Requirements

Do you want to become an Uber driver but don’t know what the Uber driver requirements are? It can be challenging to find all the information about the requirements for Uber drivers on official Uber sites. In this post, I will show you all the necessary requirements to drive for Uber. If you do fulfill the requirements, it is a pretty simple process to sign up to drive.

Here are the detailed requirements to drive for Uber:

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Uber Driver Requirements

Uber Driver Age Requirements

  • You must be 21 years of age or older.
  • You must have 3 years driving experience. If you have recently moved from another state, you may have to verify your driving history. Keep your out-of-state drivers license. You might need it.

Uber Driver LicenseOther Uber Driver Requirements

  • You need to have in-state car insurance in your name.
  • You must have in-state car registration. It does not need to be in your name.
  • You must have an in-state Driver’s License.
  • You must have a Social Security Number for a background check.

Background Check

  • Clean driving record.
  • Pass a background check.

The background check is done by a company called Hirease. It will take a few days.

Background check: make sure that in the past 7 years you have had…

  • No DUI or drug-related offenses.
  • No incidents of driving without insurance or license.
  • No fatal accidents
  • No history of reckless driving.
  • No criminal history.

Uber Driver Car Requirements

You must have a vehicle (or purchase one) that meets the Uber Car Requirements.

The UberX vehicle requirements are:

  • 4-door sedan, must seat 4 or more passengers excluding driver.
  • Year 2001* or newer.
  • In-state plates.
  • No marked, taxi, or salvaged vehicles.
  • Pass Uber vehicle inspection.
  • The car must be currently registered, but your name does not have to be on the registration.

*Uber car year requirements can vary by city. It is currently year 2001 or newer in many cities.

Uber BLACK Driver Requirements

What if I want to drive for Uber BLACK?

What are the UberBLACK driver requirements?

There are different requirements if you want to drive for Uber Black. The Uber BLACK driver requirements are commercial licensing, insurance and registration. Also, the Uber Black service requires you to have a luxury vehicle.

Becoming an Uber BLACK driver is more involved than becoming an UberX driver. You must have commercial car insurance, a TCP, and an airport permit in most cities. If you want to drive for Uber Black – follow the step-by-step instructions for your city here, including a detailed list of the Uber BLACK car requirements.

How do you apply to become an Uber driver?

You can read the full detailed step-by-step guide to becoming an Uber driver here.

A brief summary of the steps:

Step 1 – Complete an application online here.

Step 2 – Get your car inspected at one of the Uber inspection stations or at a 3rd party.

Step 3 – Wait for the background check to clear.

Step 4 – Start driving!

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What if I don’t meet all the Uber driver requirements?

Here are the reasons why you might not be accepted to drive for Uber and what you can do to about it:

You are not 21 years old. 

Sorry but at the moment you will just have to wait until you are old enough or Uber changes the age requirement.

You don’t have a Social Security Number or are not allowed to work in the U.S.

You should consult an immigration attorney about this. Uber may let you sign up to drive if you have a SSN even if your visa does not allow you to work in the U.S., but this is not recommended as it may violate the terms of your visa.

You didn’t pass the background check.

If you requested a copy of the background check when you applied, then you should see why you are not accepted. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about it other than wait. Most offenses are taken off your record after 7 years.

Your car doesn’t qualify.

If your car doesn’t qualify then consider getting an upgrade. You can often find great deals on used cars. The increased income from driving for Uber should more than compensate for a small monthly car payment.Check out our list of the best cars to drive for Uber.

You don’t have the required in-state documents.

You must have an in-state license, in-state registration and in-state insurance. If you don’t have these then you will have to get them.


The best way to find out if you meet all of the Uber driver requirements is to just apply. It is quick and easy. In addition, if you sign up with our referral link you can get a cash bonus.

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Uber sign up bonus: $500 offer to Lyft drivers

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Lyft sign-up bonuses

Choose your own hours. Drive with Lyft.

Lyft is offering sign-up bonuses in select cities. That means that if you use a current driver’s promo code to sign-up, you will get a cash bonus after you complete the required number of trips.

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Here’s a list of the cities that Lyft is currently offering bonuses in…

City/State Sign-up bonus amount Number of rides to be completed
Phoenix $50 bonus 50 rides
Tuscon $50 bonus 50 rides
Los Angeles $250 bonus 50 rides
Orange County $250 bonus 50 rides
Sacremento $50 bonus 50 rides
San Francisco $500 bonus 100 rides
San Diego $200 bonus 50 rides
Silicon Valley $500 bonus 50 rides
Denver $750 bonus 50 rides
Miami $250 bonus 50 rides
Atlanta $100 bonus 50 rides
Chicago $500 bonus 30 rides
Boston $750 bonus 50 rides
New York
New York City $500 bonus 100 rides
Portland $500 bonus 50 rides
Philadelphia $750 bonus 50 rides
Pittsburgh $100 bonus 50 rides
Nashville $500 bonus 50 rides
Austin $500 bonus 50 rides
Dallas $500 bonus 50 rides
Seattle $500 bonus 50 rides
Washington D.C. $750 bonus 50 rides

Source: Lyft

Choose your own hours. Drive with Lyft.


Lyft Driver Requirements: Become a Lyft driver

Become a Lyft Driver

Do you want to become a Lyft driver? I highly recommend even if you drive for Uber that you give Lyft a try too. The Lyft driver requirements are very similar to Uber’s requirements. You can be signed-in to both the Uber and Lyft driver apps at the same time which may increase how much you make.

Best of all: Lyft allows riders to tip directly on the app. So sign up for both and maximize your earnings.

Choose your own hours. Drive with Lyft.

How to Become a Lyft Driver

Becoming a Lyft driver is not difficult. You will fill out a driver application and take a Welcome Ride. During this ride, a Lyft mentor will inspect your car and give you a practice drive, just to make sure you are friendly and drive safely. He/she will also take some pictures and show you how to use the Lyft app. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you have about driving for Lyft.

If you meet all of the Lyft driver requirements and pass the welcome ride, you will be able to start driving.

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Lyft Driver Requirements

Here are the requirements to become a Lyft driver. You must:

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Have at least 1 year of driving history
  • Drive a 2003 or newer 4-door car*
  • Have an in-state drivers license
  • Have in-state registration
  • Have in-state auto insurance in your name
  • Have a smart phone

*Lyft car year requirements may vary by city to comply with local laws.

You must also pass a background check and have a clean driving history.

In the past 7 years you must have:

  • No DUI or drug-related offenses.
  • No driving without insurance or license.
  • No fatal accidents or history of reckless driving.
  • No criminal history.

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Lyft Car Requirements

To drive for Lyft, your vehicle must meet the Lyft car requirements. They are:

  • Must be 2003 or newer.
  • Current in-state license plates.
  • Tires have sufficient tread.
  • Windows and windshield must work and be free of large cracks.
  • Wipers must be in good condition.
  • All lights must work.
  • Horn must work.
  • 5 working seatbelts.
  • Seat adjusters must work.
  • All doors and locks must work.
  • Working A/C and heat.

Lyft Welcome Ride

Once you’ve completed your driver application you will take the Welcome Ride. You meet up with a Lyft mentor who will verify that you meet all the Lyft requirements. He/she will take a picture of your drivers license, registration, and car insurance, and then give you a practice ride to see if you can be friendly and drive while obeying all traffic laws at the same time.

The mentor will also show you how to use the Lyft app and inspect your vehicle to make sure it meets all of the Lyft driver car requirements.

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If you meet the Lyft requirements, pass the welcome ride, and pass the background check (may take a few days), then you will be approved to start driving. Lyft guides you through the entire process so check your e-mail regularly.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy driving!

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Choose your own hours. Drive with Lyft.

Image Credit: Easa Shamih. Some changes were made.

How to become an Uber driver in 3 steps

How to become an Uber Driver in 3 Steps

How to become an Uber driver in 3 steps

How to become an Uber driver in 3 steps – I am frequently asked the question, “How do I become an Uber driver?” The process of becoming an Uber driver is pretty simple and straight-forward. So, how to become an Uber driver? If you want to be your own boss and drive for Uber, you only have to do 3 simple things…that’s it.

Follow these steps, and become an Uber driver!

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How to become an Uber driver – step-by-step guide

Step 1 Complete an application online here.

  • Provide your personal information so that Uber can perform a background check.
  • Provide vehicle information and pictures (front & rear bumper and interior).
  • Upload driver’s license, car registration, and insurance.

Step 2 – Get your car inspected.

Uber has a car inspection station in many cities where they’ll inspect your car at no cost. Uber sometimes even offers cash bonuses for getting your car inspection done at one of their locations. I received $100 bonus for the inspection in addition to the sign-up bonus.

You can also have a 3rd party inspect your car.

Here’s what’s on the vehicle inspection form. It’s very simple stuff. They just want to make sure that your car is in normal working order: lights, seat belts, etc.

Step 3 – Pass the background check.

After step 1 and 2 are done, you just wait until your background check has cleared.

They check, if you’ve had any of the following in the past 7 years:

  • DUI or drug-related offenses.
  • Driving without insurance or license.
  • Fatal accidents or a history of reckless driving.
  • Criminal history.

It only took 3 days for mine to go through, but it can take more than a week. During this time, you’ll receive a kit in the mail. It contains a small Welcome manual, an aux cord, and an “Uber” sticker to display on the inside windshield of your car.

Start driving!

After these 3 steps are completed you can start driving. You should receive an e-mail from Uber letting you know you are activated. If you don’t receive one within a few days after completing these steps, then you can either contact your local Uber support team or follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to the Uber partner app on Android or iPhone and sign in.
  2. You should see a button at the top of the screen that says “Go Online”. Click on that and one of two things will happen.
    1. You see a message saying that you are not approved to drive yet. If this happens, make sure you completed all of the steps above. Also, check your e-mail to see if Uber sent you anything asking you to upload documents, etc. If you’re sure you completed everything then you may still have to wait on the background check. Sometimes, but rarely, they take a couple weeks to process. Contact your local Uber support team and ask the status of your application.
    2. The other thing that will happen is a map appears where you can start accepting ride requests. This indicates that you are approved and can start driving.



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What are the requirements to become an Uber driver?

You will be approved if you meet all of the Uber driver requirements.

Here is a brief summary:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older.
  • You must have a car that is year 2000 or newer (year requirements vary by city).
  • You must have in-state license, car registration, and auto insurance.
  • You must pass a background check.

How long does it take to be activated as an Uber driver?

After you’ve finished your application online, you should be able to start driving within a week. In rare cases the background check can take up to two weeks.

Once you’re activated (Uber will send you an e-mail), you are good to go! You just log into the Uber driver app and click “Go Online”.

Should you buy a car?

If your car doesn’t meet the requirements for your city, or you plan on driving a lot and your car has very poor gas mileage, then you may want to consider buying a different car.

I highly recommend that you do not buy a new car, because the depreciation is much higher than with a used car. Get one that is around 5 years old. Driving full time, you could put up to 1000 miles a week on your car. If you consider leasing a car, make sure you know how many miles you can drive per year without any extra charges.

Consider investing in a hybrid, or at least a car with good gas mileage. A hybrid is more fuel efficient in city traffic, which will most likely be the bulk of your driving . My average speed is 18 mph here in Los Angeles and my 2010 Toyota Corolla gets 23 city-mpg. In comparison, a 2010 Toyota Prius gets 51 city-mpg. I spend about $400 a month on gas, so a Prius would save me about $200. That’s more than the difference in monthly payments for a Prius of the same year!


How much money will you make driving for Uber?

The truth is, it varies depending on where you live, what the local market is like, and obviously how much time you spend driving. I make between $15 and $25 an hour after Uber’s commission, taxes, fuel, and other car expenses. Read the full post about how much money I make driving for Uber.

There are a few things you can do to maximize your earnings.

Be a smart driver by:

  1. Dual driving for both Uber and Lyft.
  2. Driving during peak hours.
  3. Driving in the morning when there is less competition from other Uber drivers.
  4. Using a fuel efficient car.
  5. Not chasing surges.

…See you on the road!

Please leave a comment if you have any questions about how to become an Uber driver.

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